Re: Cornell/Linux 4.00b3 connects with Cornell client but not with WhitePine Client

Brian O'Shea (
Mon, 03 Feb 1997 09:30:50 -0500

-I am currently running an experimental Cornell reflector at IP
-on a Linux operating system. People can connect to it with Cornells version
-of Cu-Seeme, but nobody can seem to connect to it with WhitePines version of
-Cu-Seeme ver 2.1 or 2.1.1 (WFW3.11 or Win95).
-UDP port 7648 is set up ( I read somewhere about ports 7648 -7652 ??)
-TCP port 7649 is set up
-TCP port 7640 is set up
-If a friend is connected to the reflector with the Cornell cu-seeme program
-and I try to connect to the reflector with WhitePines version, I show up on
-the "participants list" of the reflector, I show up as a client with the
-"refmon" program, and I show up in the "reflect.log" file, although the
-WhitePine version shows "connecting" but never actually shows "connected".
-I called WhitePine about this, but they have no idea why this is happening.
-Any Ideas ???

The Cornell 4.00B3 reflector has Byte Swapping problems. If you run it on a
little endian machine, like an Intel, it will not work properly. It's one of
the first bugs I fixed when I started working on the reflector. I'm assuming
that you are running on an Intel box??

I doubt that the type of client that connects is relevant, it's the reflector
that is having the problem due to the fact that it doesn't convert from
network order to host order in all the places that it should.

What does this mean? If you want to run on Linux, you'll have to buy a White
Pine reflector. If you have a Sun laying around, or any other machine with a
processor that has Big Endian byte order and matches one of the supported
4.00B3 builds, you can do that.


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