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Mon, 03 Feb 1997 21:43:23 -0600

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>Hello everyone!
>Quick question. When I start CU-SEEME, it comes up with no screen, only
>the audio portion. Is something wrong? I'm using win95, and a 16bit
>version netscape 3.01, and dialer, i know i know, 16 bit...but when i
>try to make the 32bit version work, i can dial but get nothing from
>netscape, anyhoo..why does CU-SeeMe ALWAYS come up with no interface? i
>used it a while ago to watch a shuttle launch, and it worked fine, but
>now...nothing! Please send help!
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Windows first...I bet you could find the seperate windows on your task bar.
If it is on the win95 task bar, RIGHT mouse click it on the task bar, then
LEFT click on MOVE. Using the CURSOR KEYS, move UP and LEFT until the
wire-frame of the window is visible, then hit ENTER to drop it there. This
happens ONLY when you exit cu-seeme with a window MINIMIZED.

As far as your TCP stack goes, why not use the built in dialup networking
that comes win windows 95? It's a 32bit version, and 16bit TCP apps will
work with it just fine. It's the other way that you CAN'T do...16bit TCP
stack with 32bit apps.

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