Re: I second the audio question

John Ingham (
Tue, 4 Feb 1997 16:06:16 +0930

Pete Bonasso said in part...

>I'm having the same trouble. I don't use video (yet) just
>audio. SOmehow I thought Cu-See-Me would be a really inexpensive
>alternative to Internet Phone, but the audio at 28.8 on a mac just
>comes in as fits and starts.
>Is there a trick to setting the audio so as to actually hear a
>continuous stream of voice? Or is that impossible with modems?

It is possible to actually hear a continuous stream of voice over a modem
but at this time if you're not interested in the pictures, CU-SeeMe may not
be the best way to do it.

The biggest advantage if CU-SeeMe's audio is that it is cross-platform.
However the tightest compression algorithms are not yet available

I have had very good success with "PowWow" which is a voice+chat+whiteboard
client. When pressed it degrades much more gracefully than audio on
CU-SeeMe. I have even used it concurrently with CU-SeeMe - sometimes even
without having to freeze the video before speaking.

It's available from <----totally
FREE software (PC ONLY) and it is free of charge for personal
communications. Unfortunately it is not available for the Mac (it's FAQ
says "don't ask"). But if you are going PC to PC using 28,800 modems (or
even 14,400 at a pinch) PowWow works very well.

PowWow has another plus. When in use you are automatically registered with
a central register so that so long as you know another person's name (or
more often e-mail address) you can call them even though you don't know
their IP number - great for Dynamic IP Number allocation connection such as

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