audio and macs

Innes Sloss (
Tue, 4 Feb 1997 11:40:28 GMT

I use Cuseeme to conference with a colleague. I have a Pentium 133
with 16 Mb of Ram, a b&w Connectix QuickCam and a Trust Sound Expert
de Luxe 16 stlgD Sound card (half-duplex only) I run windows 3.1 and use
CuSeeMe V0.84b7. He has a Performa 6300 (Mac) and uses Cuseeme
version 0.83b3. We both have absolutely no problem receiving video
but audio is next to non-existent, at best I get short bursts (a few
seconds) of staccato sound. My colleague sees his sound indicator
move but doesn't hear a thing. We don't use modems but rather connect to
the outside world via our respective ethernet networks. My question
is whether or not it is worth my colleague changing to the Mac
version 0.85b1. I have read mail mentioning it including something called digitalk (an
audio codec?). Does this digitalk help only if you work using Macs

My guess about the audio problem is that it is probably partially
caused by my soundcard. Any comments?

Innes Sloss

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