Video capture card advice

Joseph P. Schepis (
Wed, 5 Feb 97 10:36:08

Hello group!

I've discussed with some of you that I use the WINNOV capture card with a
Phillips color camera running on Win NT 4.0 at work. For home use, I'd like
to use my Sony camcorder and just plug into a vid cap card. However, some vid
cap cards cost more than a complete B&W Connectix setup!

What do you think? Go with the Connectix or can anyone recommend a video
input card that would use RCA plug input from a camcorder (at a reasonable
price, I might add!). FYI: At home, I have a x586, 16MB, Win95 and 33.6

Any help is appreciated!

Joseph P. Schepis

NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
Electromechanical Systems Branch
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