audio problem

Grady & Mike Cadle (
Wed, 05 Feb 1997 21:34:33 -0800


i have been reading the mail in hopes i could solve an audioproblem with
cuseeme. the problem is audio comes in only for a short time, normaly
when i first link to a sight. it is clear and loud but only for about a
second. then ocasionaly it will pop in and out.

my picture sometimes is quick to update and somtimes slow.

i'm new at this so if i dont supply enough info regarding my equipment
Email me

i have a 486dx 66, 20m ram, mmpro16 sound card, 28.8 modem running thru
trumpet winsock - i have free version cuseeme and i also have a 30 day
demo enhanced version loaded

thanks if you can help
love todays technology!!
grady cadle