Re: Video capture card advice

John Ingham (
Thu, 6 Feb 1997 13:51:30 +0930

Joseph P. Schepis said...

>Hello group!
>I've discussed with some of you that I use the WINNOV capture card with a
>Phillips color camera running on Win NT 4.0 at work. For home use, I'd like
>to use my Sony camcorder and just plug into a vid cap card. However, some
>cap cards cost more than a complete B&W Connectix setup!
>What do you think? Go with the Connectix or can anyone recommend a video
>input card that would use RCA plug input from a camcorder (at a reasonable
>price, I might add!). FYI: At home, I have a x586, 16MB, Win95 and 33.6
Can I do a "Me Too" here Joe?, except that I have a PCI bus Macintosh 7200.
I'd like to use my Sony Camcorder - I wish I had the money at the time to
buy a 7500 which has a built-in vid cap card. When Apple switched to the
PCI bus it was so that owners could take advantage of the range of cards
for the PC market. Pigs! What PCI cards are available either don't have
Macintosh software drivers or are top-end with prices to suit. So I'm
presently stuck with my B&W Connectix camera hoping that one day I'll find
a PCI vid cap card for about $200 - is that too much to ask?

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