Mac> New release of Imposter 1.3
Thu, 6 Feb 1997 12:04:58 -0600 (CST)

FYI - this is not meant to be advertising - just passing information on..
-Mike Baranowski
aka Jeeves

Imposter Software announces the release of Imposter 1.3 for Macintosh CU-SeeMe

Imposter 1.3 is the first virtual personality environment for Macintosh

Imposter 1.3 consists of a software-only Quicktime VDIG digitizing
component and a slide sorter application that allows you to import and
sequence pictures to be transmitted by CU-SeeMe just as if they were coming
from a video camera. The software can quickly import pictures directly
from the Macintosh Scrapbook or copy and paste any picture from other
Macintosh applications.

Up to 256 pictures can be included in a picture set. Simply click on a
picture in the slide sorter and the selected picture gets transmitted by
CU-SeeMe. Picture sets can be saved and loaded from disk.

The most powerful feature of Imposter 1.3 is the image sequencer, where
groups of pictures can be selected and played back at a programmable rate
creating a true illusion of reality. Imposter 1.3 supports foward,
reverse, and random play of sequences of up to 256 pictures.

Tired of being denied access to reflectors because you don't have a camera?
Imposter 1.3 turns any Macintosh into a transmitter!

Imposter will run on any Macintosh or Power Macintosh computer running
System 7.5 or later. 16 MB of RAM is recommended. No video digitizing
hardware is required. Both the Cornell and White Pine versions of CU-SeeMe
are supported. Imposter supports both color and grayscale image import and

Imposter 1.3 is shareware ($20 requested). Educational and site licensing
discounts are available.

The full version of Imposter 1.3 is currently available for download from
AOL and other online services. A copy may also be downloaded as a Binhexed
Stuffit archive from:

Shameless Request for Cash

Imposter 1.3 is shareware. If you find the program useful to you, please
register your copy of Imposter 1.3 by sending $20.00 to

Michael Eskin
Imposter Software
13465 Camino Canada, 106-166
El Cajon, CA 92021

If not $20.00, please send $10.00, or $5.00, whatever the program is worth
to you!

All registered owners will be sent all upgrades and future versions of
Imposter for free.

For more information on Imposter, please send an email request to:

Best regards,

Michael Eskin
Imposter Software