Ken Bass (counsel for Phil Karn) Interviewed on "Real Time" Monday

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Ken Bass (counsel for Phil Karn)
interviewed live on "Real Time"

*** Monday, Jan. 27 ***
*** 9:00 PM ET ***

Ken Bass is a partner in the firm of Venable, Baetjer, Howard & Civiletti,
LLP, and is the head of that firm's Appellate Practice Group. Recently
Venable served as counsel to Phil Karn during his dispute with the
Department of State concerning export of a diskette containing the source
code for cryptographic algorithms published in the book _Applied_
_Cryptography_, having already received permission to export the book.

For the past 20 years Bass has practiced law in the Washington, D.C.
metropolitan area, concentrating in civil litigation and appellate
advocacy. From 1977 until 1981 he left private practice to serve as the
first Counsel for Intelligence Policy at the Department of Justice. In
that position he advised the Attorney General and the White House on the
legal aspects of a variety of intelligence and national security matters.

He has recently served as a Special Master in a FOIA litigation in the
United States District Court for the District of Columbia to review code
word classified files concerning the Iran hostage rescue mission for Judge
Louis Oberdorfer.

Ken also serves as the SYSOP for Venable's WWW server which he designed
and created in March, 1994. That activity is an important aspect of Ken's
information law practice in which he represents a variety of clients in
the information services industry.

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