emm386 adjustments

Grady & Mike Cadle (gcadle@isgroup.net)
Fri, 07 Feb 1997 22:26:51 -0800

to those who have win 3.1 using emm386 mem mamager

i had downloaded a program that moniters RAM as my system operates....
normaly runing CU it would drop as low as 35% available RAM!!!

i increased RAM from 8mb to 20mb and it only was a slight inceace.

i have changed my config.sys, emm386 from "ram auto" to
"ram auto L=640 A=64 H=255". i know have better then 73% available RAM
with CU running. not only did this pick up ava. RAM, now my CU fram
speed has increased as much as 3 times as fast and pic changes are much

this is only FYI. i hope i have not imposed on your e-mail
some seam to get upset about recieving e-mail. NOT ME :)
thanks hor all the info i receive
Grady Cadle