Newbie Mac User Questions

Bill Moore (
Sun, 9 Feb 1997 09:14:33 -0700

Howdy from the frozen midlands....

Just joined the list last week after a client decided he wants to start
doing an "internet talk show" about microbrewing... Cool idea, but now I
need to get up to speed very, very quickly.

>From my early research it seems Cu-SEEME offers the best current solution
to letting the client "host" an internet-based video-conferencing system.

What I need to now is the basic configuration for setting this up for him.

He is willing invest in the necessary hardware to get the job done, but I
need to know what that hardware and software is. I'd like the list's
advice on how to set up the system on both Window's and Mac systems...
especially which is the easier to configure and maintain.

Any and all suggestions appreciated.

Bill Moore

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