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At 10:51 PM 2/9/97 -0500, you wrote:
>If I use an ISDN channel and CUseeme, are there restrictions placed on how
>fast I may Transmit my video conference data?=20
>If so, is this restriction an internet restriction, a CUseeme software
>restriction or a common sense restriction since most users have 28.8 baud
>Thanks in advance for any suggestions you may offer.

The restriction is done at the reflector. The White Pine ref has several
conferences, one of which is for modem users, meaning that it's max is set
to 28 or 30k. Another of their conferences allows you to transmit more in
the range of 128k or maybe even higher.

When you connect to the White Pine ref using the White Pine CLIENT, you will
see a list of the conferences there, and the intended (modem, higher speed)
uses for them.

One of the things *I* have been waiting for White Pine to do to their client
is to include automatic speed downshifting, sort of like modems doing auto
speed matching. I should be able to set my client for the highest speed
that my connection can handle, and then it should adjust DOWN depending on
the reflector I connect to, but only for that session. For example, if I'm
at my office on a high speed lan connection, and I set my max to 100k/300k
(trans/recv) and I connect to a reflector that only allows you to transmit
at 60k max, and receive at 100k max, then the client should be adjusted down
to those speeds automatically, instead of getting a "Please set your..."
message from the reflector.

This is a very simple concept, and should be easy to implement, tho it would
require changes to both the reflector and the client. The new reflector
code would check the version of the client, and if it's new enough and has
the capability, then the adjustment messages would be sent. If the client
is too old, then you would just get the same old "Please adjust..." message.

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