Re: S-VHS no show in 0.85b1?

Mike Reddy (
Mon, 10 Feb 1997 09:48:40 +0100

John Ingham said:

>You don't say what particular PPC you are using Mike...

6400 running 7.5.5

>I do remember that we had no success at the time using the boss's 7500 for
>Apple's Quicktime Conferencing or CU-SeeMe, but we haven't gotten around to
>checking it out again recently since he upgraded his OS to 7.5.5.

>If I were you I'd upgrade my OS and you may find the problem goes away. No
>promises, but let us all know how you go!

It is still there. Apple video player works fine, but there is no way of
setting which video source in CU-SeeMe. Version 0.86 perhaps?