Re: Restrictions on transimssion rates if isdn used with cuseeeme?

michael butler (
Mon, 10 Feb 1997 23:29:14 +1100 (EST)

John Ingham writes:

> Those who are lucky enough to have a T1 or E1 connection are a bit like
> CBers with a Power Booster - they think they can blast their way through to
> a better picture than the modem-connected "plebs". The last laugh is on
> them though, because they are the ones whose picture looks the worst to the
> majority!

This is similarly true of people who say "my connection is a T1" and proceed
to set their M-JPEG quality to >20% .. not a single modem or ISDN user has a
show of getting one coherent frame :-(

Those that are fortunate enough to have a pipe that size are then forced to
pay (we suffer charging by volume in Oz) for an excessively voluminous data
stream just to view one image. Then through some apparent unreliability of
the client's negotiation with a reflector we may not even be able to turn
the stuff off without disconnecting entirely.

White Pine would do well to note this in the next revision of their docs,