Re: Restrictions on transimssion rates if isdn used with cuseeeme?

michael butler (
Tue, 11 Feb 1997 05:11:08 +1100 (EST)

Bill Woodland writes:

> One of the things *I* have been waiting for White Pine to do to their
> client is to include automatic speed downshifting, sort of like modems
> doing auto speed matching. I should be able to set my client for the
> highest speed that my connection can handle, and then it should adjust
> DOWN depending on the reflector I connect to, but only for that session.

Slight variation on a theme ..

No sender should be permitted to send at a rate greater than any single
client's receive cap of the time. There's absolutely no point in throwing
300kbps at a reflector when all other clients are capped at (e.g.) 28k for
the total of their concurrent sessions,