Newbie seeking help

Don Rudolph (
Mon, 10 Feb 1997 12:36:59 -800


I'm new to this list and new to CU-SEEME. I'd like some pointers for
getting started. I downloaded the 6-meg demo version of the White
Pine product. I read a faq, but it didn't have any good info on the
basics of just getting the first picture. So far, I haven't even been
able to connect to a site.

Right now, all I want to do is receive video, sending is not

I found the "scanner" site on the web and tried manually entering
several of the addresses, the White Pine site included. Sometimes I
would connect and get a list of choices. Usually there was a choice
for modem users, which I selected. But that choice as well as the
other ones always time out after a few minutes. I never connect. I
tried ten or more times on various sites that were suppose to be in

My CU-SEEME settings:
Transmission Rate
Maximum 28 kbps
Minimum 10 kbps
Reception Rate
Maximum 28 kbps
Minimum 10 kbps

My system:
Pentium 133
32megs of ram.
28.8 modem
Diamond Stealth w/2megs
Connection through Netcom shell acct via slirp.

My questions:

1. Is there something obvious I'm doing wrong?
2. Do you need more information?
3. Is this the best list for beginners?
4. Do I need a video capture device? I was under the impression
I did not need any special hardware in order to receive a
picture. Is this right?
5. What would be a good sight (reflector) to use just to get
started? Content of the site is unimportant.
6. At what point does the demo version expire? It shuts off
after some period of time (10 min?) which seems to me to be a
pretty good incentive to register.

Thanks in advance,

Don Rudolph --