Re: Restrictions on transimssion rates if isdn used with cuseeeme?

Brian O'Shea (
Mon, 10 Feb 1997 22:19:49 -0500

-Brian O'Shea wrote:
-> -This is a very simple concept, and should be easy to implement, tho it would
-> -require changes to both the reflector and the client. The new reflector
-> -code would check the version of the client, and if it's new enough and has
-> -the capability, then the adjustment messages would be sent. If the client
-> -is too old, then you would just get the same old "Please adjust..." message.
-> We're making sure the upcoming 3.0 client has this functionality so that when
-> the 3.0 reflector comes out later on, the 3.0 clients will automatically
-> adjust to the reflectors settings.
-why perform these adjustments at the client end ? as you say yourself,
-this leads to a versioning problem. much better to do it in the
-reflector, then it is controlled "at source" and it will be compatible
-with any client ?
-so: if a reflector is set up to accept a client rec cap of 30, and a
-client connects with a rec cap of 200, the stream the client gets sent
-is as if the client had connected at 30 ? hey presto ?

Agreed, it's a piece of cake.

-i can see that the problem is perhaps trickier with the send cap, but
-the same principal may well apply equally as effectively ?

Exactly. This is necessary to restrict what a client is sending to the
reflector. If the reflector couldn't control that, it would be lacking a
large amount of functionality.

-what seems to be a problem with the strategy, as outlined, is that White
-Pine are effectively improving the behaviour of their reflector/client
-relationship without solving the issue at hand in a manner that is
-compatible with any client.

How would you solve the send cap problem on older clients? Outside of having
the ability of turning the clock back I don't see how you can. (I think if I
had the ability to turn the clock back I might have better things to do then
fix CU-SeeMe..) We will have to send the message that tells them that they
have to change their send cap, and that's all there is to it. If we don't
they will send at rates greater then the reflector administrator wants them
to, and that's simply unacceptable.

All that you can reasonably expect us to do is to maintain compatibility with
existing clients and reflectors while we make improvements to the newer ones.
This is one of the more obvious deficiencies in CU-SeeMe. It's a no-brainer
to say that you should negotiate the rates and adjust them at the beginning of
the world. Every time I get disconnected from a reflector because my rates
aren't set properly I get just as aggravated as you do. It's stupid, it makes
no sense, it should never have been done that way. However, I can't change
the past, I can only work in the present, toward the future. So, we're fixing
it, like it should have been in the first place, and moving onto the next


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