Re: Newbie seeking help

Don Rudolph (
Tue, 11 Feb 1997 13:27:35 -800

Bill Woodland (Squeek) <> wrote:

> > Reception Rate
> > Maximum 28 kbps
> This may be your you actually connect at 28800bps? My
> modem regularly connects at 26400, and sometimes at 24000. If yours
> is like mine, set your receive max down to 24 or 26 accordingly, and
> I think this will help you with timeout errors.

Actually, I was connected at 28.8 at the time, but I've reduced my
settings as you suggest since I often connect at 26.4. Thanks.

> > Connection through Netcom shell acct via slirp.
> This is another thing that's going to cause you problems. CU CAN
> work with SLIRP, but as far as I know, the chat will not work. Pay
> a little more and get a REAL slip or ppp connection.

Actually, it's pay a LOT more, since I'm only paying $17.50 per
month for unlimited service. : ) I'll live without the chat for
now. I'll bet SLiRP is the problem.

> If you insist on
> keeping your SLIRP connection, you will have to do something to
> "redirect UDP port 7648". Do a web search on SLIRP and you'll find
> a page where someone else was able to get CU to work with SLIRP.
> Once you get a slip or ppp connection things should just work like
> magic :)

Okay! This seems to be the key to my problem. At least I hope it
is. If not, as Arnold would say, I'll be back.

> Go to my web page (listed below) and get a reflector list. There
> are some refs in the list labeled as the "top ten" but you will
> probably find them too full most of the time. Try some of the
> others, especially the NASA sites...I don't think they are used all
> that much, tho I could be wrong.

Will do.

Thanks a lot, Bill. I was hoping I'd get a response like this. Very

Don Rudolph --