Re: S-VHS no show in 0.85b1?

John Ingham (
Thu, 13 Feb 1997 17:46:56 +0930

I've been pondering Mike Reddy's reply to my first post! Unfortunately I
no longer have the Cornell freeware version having paid for the White Pine
Enhanced CU-SeeMe some time ago. But from memory, and with reference to
the White-Pine preferences which look very similar in many ways, the item
to look for is the "Digitizer".

Pressing the "Set..." button for the Digitizer, the next window has a
"Source" section at the top with a drop-down menu listing any available
which in the case of my 7100 (an A/V Mac) is "Built-In" and the case of my
7200 at home is "Connectix Quick Cam". If you don't see anything at all
there, it's a good bet that the appropriate extension/drivers are not
loaded properly.

I'm afraid that's about all I can offer on the subject. I hope it helps.

>John Ingham said:
>>You don't say what particular PPC you are using Mike...
>6400 running 7.5.5
>>I do remember that we had no success at the time using the boss's 7500 for
>>Apple's Quicktime Conferencing or CU-SeeMe, but we haven't gotten around to
>>checking it out again recently since he upgraded his OS to 7.5.5.
>>If I were you I'd upgrade my OS and you may find the problem goes away. No
>>promises, but let us all know how you go!
>It is still there. Apple video player works fine, but there is no way of
>setting which video source in CU-SeeMe. Version 0.86 perhaps?

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