Folk Event this Weekend--Use Freeware or Enhanced?

Chuck Poulton (
Thu, 13 Feb 1997 10:26:42 EST -0500

We have an event this weekend (The 30th Annual Kent State Folk
Festival) that we plan to put on the 'net with RealAudio (and
perhaps RealVideo) and CU-SeeMe.

The question is--should we use the freeware version of CU-SeeMe or
the White Pine enhanced version? Obviously, the enhanced version
offers better codecs, color, etc., but are there still a lot of
people using the Freeware version? What is the best choice in terms
of available audience?

What bandwitdth should we aim for? Is it realistic to try to get
good quality over a 28.8 modem with the freeware version? Or should
we aim for ISDN and direct-connect users?

And, besides this list and ISP-TV, what is the best way to reach
CU-SeeMe users?

Thanks for any info anyone can provide.

I'll attach a press release on the event below.

- Chuck Poulton
Systems Manager, WKSU

30th Annual Kent State University Folk Music Festival
Features Impressive Line-Up of Internationally Renown Performers

Since 1967, top folk musicians and singers from around the world have
taken center stage at the Kent State University Folk Festival, the
second longest-running celebration of its kind among the nation's
college campuses.

The 30th Annual Kent State Folk Fest, to be held Feb. 14-16 in the
Kent Student Center on the Kent Campus in Kent, Ohio, will feature
the most impressive line-up of performers and folk music workshops
ever, according to Chris Boros, Festival Arts Chairperson of the
University's All Campus Programming Board.

"We needed to do something extraordinary to celebrate the 30th
anniversary of this event; and we've succeeded by showcasing several
popular artists of the genre," Boros said.

Both the Friday, Feb. 14, and Saturday, Feb. 15, concerts begin at 8

Friday night's performances include traditional African music by
Seleshe Damessae; Mexican-American singer/songwriter Tish Hinojosa;
bluegrass band Tim O'Brien and the O'Boys; and Solas, a Celtic
musical group.

Saturday night features a mix of original, medieval and Celtic music
by local duo Sassafras; the works of singer/songwriter James
Keelaghan; and Owain Phyfe and members of the New World Renaissance

The festival's finale Saturday night will be Sam Bush and Friends
playing an "explosive" mix of bluegrass, rock, folk and country.
Bush is considered by many to be the greatest living mandolinist.

In addition, a special festival website
( provides interested parties with
background information on each artist or group, including song
recording which can be enjoyed with RealAudio technology.

The Kent State Folk Festival is widely regarded by the folk music
community, with performers of the stature of John Gorka, Mark
O'Connor, Gordon Lightfoot, Judy Collins, Kristina Olsen, Kevin
Burke's Open House, and many others, having graced the Kent stage
over the last thirty years.

The event is sponsored by the University's All Campus Programming
Board. For more information, please contact Chris Boros by email at or phone at (330) 672-2338.