Re: Folk Event this Weekend--Use Freeware or Enhanced?

John Ingham (
Fri, 14 Feb 1997 09:44:13 +0930

Thanks to Chuck Poulton Systems Manager, WKSU for his announcement of the
forthcoming 30th Annual Kent State Folk Festival

I guess it's hard to tell yet what are the proportions of Freeware vs
WhitePine in use. It is perhaps significant that NASA are still using the
Freeware version (ie B&W) for their retransmissions from the NASA
broadcasts which obviously originate in color. Certainly you'll get a
bigger audience in B&W than color because all White Pine users can seen B&W
but the Freeware users can see ONLY B&W. If it was my call, and I had the
where-with-all to do it, I'd simulcast both, allowing the users to choose
for themselves.

Regarding bandwidth, I'd definitely aim for the 28,800 modem user.
Remember, your event is over a weekend and most T1 connections are to
commercial/government sites which are not staffed out of hours. My choice
would be for a 14,400 sound via Real Audio plus silent CU-SeeMe capped at
15 kbs. That way someone with a 28,800 modem has some chance of receiving
reasonable sound and picture at 1-3 fps.

And don't forget to post your reflector IP number(s) ASAP.

My opinion FWIW.

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