important question

Alona Mugica Olano (
Fri, 14 Feb 1997 14:20:19 +0000

We are a Spanish Telecommunication Enterprise and as well ISP that are very
interested in your products of videoconference and docuconference.

We have many customers that need a system like yours.
But before we need to know the answer to some questions:
1. What standards does it support? (h320, h323, t120, ...)

2. The client:
* is it free?
* posibilities (share applications, chat, whiteboard, files
capture screens,...)

3. What periferics (camera, sound blaster) do we need?

4. =BFFull-duplex, half-duplex?

5. Is there any Conference server demo?

6. Which is the plataform of the Conference server (Solaris, NT,=

7. Is it possible to see the table index of the Conference(name of
the conference, date, time, number of participants, ...) through a standard

We look forward to heraring from you very soon.

Very sincerely,=20

Alo=F1a Mugica Olano
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