Re: EnhCU-SeeMe is available on CD-ROM

tony stewart (
Fri, 14 Feb 1997 23:04:41 +0000

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>Tony Stewart said...
>>I am using the enhanced cu-seeme demo, and want to PAY for the full
>>SURELY I don't have to download 6meg of softwear again do I??
>No, you can purchase White Pine's EnhCU-SeeMe in CD-ROM form with which you
>get a very nice printed manual. Interestingly, the CD-ROM contains
>EnhCU-SeeMe for both Windows 3.1 & 95 and for Macintosh as well as the
>Reflector software, all of which are capable of working as Demos. Highly
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Thanks John -except here in the UK I cant find it in any of the major
Computer outlets at all!
tony stewart