Re: CU-SEEME-L digest 1048

John Ingham (
Mon, 17 Feb 1997 13:15:04 +0930

Mike Reddy said in part...

>Is Cornell going to be doing any more versions. I can do
>without colour - more bandwidth - and much prefer the slide window to White
>Pine's white board stuff.

In a recent call for CU-SeeMe Alpha Testers on this list, Cornell's Steve
Edgar <> said in part...

>It has been a while since we've released any new versions of the
Cornell freeware CU-SeeMe. Mainly that has been because of staff turnover
(three of the programmers in the group left to seek fortune in the world
outside). We have some new folks on board, some new stuff is nearing
release for both the Mac and for Windows.

Larry Chace <> is one of the Cornell CU-SeeMe Mac
Development Team; I guess your suggestions should be directed to him.

May I comment in passing that even though I have a B&W Connectix QuickCam,
I often use the White Pine color codec with the color datastream disabled
and "lossless luminance" checked because my tests have shown that it gives
an overall better picture than the original B&W codec - maybe not quite as
detailed but the movement handling is better and the entire video window
re-draws more often and more quickly. FWIW.

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