Re: hubble

Adrian Winnard (
Mon, 17 Feb 1997 19:04:33 +0000

More comments on Eb video of the Hubble Shuttle mission at

Adrian said:
>>Well, I saw a series of "live" stills with a couple of minutes between each
>>frame! Not quite "live video". It was interesting to see though - and
>>impressive in its own way. Good RealAudio of course also.

John Ingham said:
>Over a 28,800 modem I saw quite reasonable quality color video running at
>about 1 frame every 2 seconds or so. Of course the picture content was
>pretty static only changing every several minutes, except when they were
>running shots from Mission Control and during the space walks when there
>was continuous movement available. But at other times, by looking closely
>at the static shot I could tell that I still had new frames incoming every
>2 seconds by observing small changes in the noise pattern in each frame.

Ahh yes! Tried again with more success. Watching the bps coming in it was
possible to get almost continuos movement when receiving 26000 to 30000.
Unfortunately it only lasted for less than a minute or so at those good
rates...then nothing for a while. Potential was well demonstrated however.
Definitely worth a look - a much more cohesive image than CU-SeeMe.

Adrian Winnard