Re: White Pine Reflector price

Ross Wheeler (
Tue, 18 Feb 1997 15:39:44 +1100 (EST)

> Hi
> Can anyone tell me the current price for the White Pine Reflector software?
> Thanks
> - Steven Bolbot

Steven, last year (December) I chased WP for this. Eventually, after much
effort, I got a reply, but for an ISP they want an arm and a leg. It took
them about a month to even get back to me, and then their price was
out of the question.

Given the TOTAL lack of support I experienced, the lack of
professionalism, failure to appreciate application and respond suitably,
I elected to NOT use their product, and now supply and recommend other
software to our users. Their attitude has cost them much more than they
may ever know. Several multinational companies I deal with as consultant
have gone with solutions other than WP after consultation.

I did evaluate their product, and it worked *reasonably* well, but they
turned a certain sale of several (dozen) reflectors and a couple of
hundred copies of CuSeeme into a good deal of bad publicity they are
unlikely to ever recover.

They need to re-think their policy, communications, price and attitude
before I would even consider their product.

(Very unimpressed ex-user!)