RE: White Pine Reflector price

David Ransier (
Mon, 17 Feb 1997 21:47:49 -0800

Thanks for you comments. I am also thinking of what software to use for a
reflector at our company. Your comments will steer me away from White
Pine, but you didn't mention any of the other products you do recommend.

Please fill me in on some other relector companies that are better choices
than White Pine. I am also investigating Cornell, but I think their
software is Mac or PC only, and I'd like to run the reflector on a UNIX
workstation, an HP or Sun box.

David Ransier

From: Ross Wheeler[]
Sent: Tuesday, February 18, 1997 7:39 AM
Subject: Re: White Pine Reflector price

> Hi
> Can anyone tell me the current price for the White Pine Reflector
> Thanks
> - Steven Bolbot

Given the TOTAL lack of support I experienced, the lack of
professionalism, failure to appreciate application and respond suitably,
I elected to NOT use their product, and now supply and recommend other
software to our users. Their attitude has cost them much more than they

(Very unimpressed ex-user!)