Re:WP color codec & bw cam

John Ingham (
Tue, 18 Feb 1997 18:13:43 +0930

Brian Dowtin said...

> Reading your reply - you mentioned you use the color codec w/color
>disabled - with your b&w cam..(or something similar) -
>The last time I tried - Cu reported that I didn't have a color cam,
>and it would use the grayscale codec. Can you 'splain?

Sure! With the White Pine EnhCU-SeeMe you can use either a Color camera or
a B&W camera. You then have the choice of using the White Pine color codec
OR the original Cornell B&W codec.

Obviously with a B&W camera you can only ever get B&W, but you CAN chose to
use either the color codec (choosing the B&W Bit-Stream Data radio button
under codec "options") or the B&W codec; the first is viewable ONLY by
users of the White Pine EnhCU-SeeMe but can give reasonable movement and
resolution (provided "Lossless Luminance" is checked under codec
"options"), while the second is viewable by all users of both White Pine
and Cornell CU-SeeMe, giving the classic "blocky" picture.

I hope this answers you question. Please say if you need more detail.

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