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John Ingham (
Tue, 18 Feb 1997 18:57:32 +0930

>At 10:48 AM -0500 2/17/97, Michael Kankiewicz wrote:
>>Hi all. I know that you need to know your ip address for someone to
>>connect. However, my understandind is that when you dial in to your
>>provider, a temporary ip address is "assigned". If this is true, how can
>>you know in advance what your ip address is? Thanks,
>> Michael
>On the Macintosh, if you're running Open Transport (which you should!),
>there's many ways. Try the program MacTCP Watcher (

There's an even easier low-tech way to find out your IP when you launch
CU-SeeMe. Just make your first connection to "Self" (which is the first
item in the "Call" or "Connect" menu item). Check the bottom right-hand
button (the one with a ?) under your receive video window when it opens -
your IP is shown there. Or, as you Hang Up from yourself, your IP number
is shown in the menu item "Hang Up ##.##.##.##"(IP).

But the REAL problem is knowing your friends' IPs (and vice versa). There
are a number of work-arounds here...
* Run a mailer client (like Eudora) in the back-ground and have it check
for mail every minute or so. That way you can advise/be advised of your
friends IP numbers.
* There are little utilities available to upload to your Web page
information like your current IP so your friends can contact you.
* Or you can use a Phone client like PowWow or I-Phone to make initial
contact based on a nickname or even your e-mail address.
* And there are now little utilities which can be run in the background
which automatically advise on-line services such as "Four11" which act as a
central searchable registry through which your friends can find your
current IP number. Point your Web Browser at for
details of how it works.

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