Re: Cornell Reflector crashing

Timothy Stewart (
Wed, 19 Feb 1997 01:00:45 +0000

I've seen a couple references to this problem on the list, but I
haven't seen a response posted. Perhaps the response was sent
directly to the person via e-mail, perhaps nobody has a solution, but
I thought I'd throw the question out once more and hope for an

We're currently running two White Pine reflectors, a version 2.0.2 on
a Linux box (have tried everything from 1.3.x up to 2.1.26) and a
version 2.1 on NT v4.

My problem is mainly with the Linux, but I do not believe the
operating system is at fault. I have seen messages from people
having the same problems on other Unix boxes, and my NT ref crashes
from time to time as well. The ref will stay up for anywhere from
4-5 hours to a few seconds. My error log always looks something like

Unable to find the destination client at for a kClient mesg
msg from
accept client : Connection reset by peer:


deleting client Mike
XXX Error in TCP data(28 bytes) from port 57629
XXX Error in TCP data(44 bytes) from port 57629
accept client : Connection reset by peer: FATAL ERROR: EXITING

The only consistent part is the last line. "Connection reset by

Does anyone know of a solution to this problem? Or can anyone even
clarify what the problem is?

I appreciate any information.


- Tim Stewart.

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