Re: Cornell Reflector crashing

Brian O'Shea (
Wed, 19 Feb 1997 15:33:23 -0500

-I've seen a couple references to this problem on the list, but I
-haven't seen a response posted. Perhaps the response was sent
-directly to the person via e-mail, perhaps nobody has a solution, but
-I thought I'd throw the question out once more and hope for an
-We're currently running two White Pine reflectors, a version 2.0.2 on
-a Linux box (have tried everything from 1.3.x up to 2.1.26) and a
-version 2.1 on NT v4.

There is a 2.1 reflector available for Linux. It was built on Linux 2.0.18.
Since you have a 2.0.2 reflector, you get a free upgrade to 2.1.

I've sent you private email on where to FTP it from.

-My problem is mainly with the Linux, but I do not believe the
-operating system is at fault. I have seen messages from people
-having the same problems on other Unix boxes, and my NT ref crashes
-from time to time as well. The ref will stay up for anywhere from
-4-5 hours to a few seconds. My error log always looks something like
-Unable to find the destination client at for a kClient mesg
-msg from
-accept client : Connection reset by peer:
-deleting client Mike
-XXX Error in TCP data(28 bytes) from port 57629
-XXX Error in TCP data(44 bytes) from port 57629
-accept client : Connection reset by peer: FATAL ERROR: EXITING

In the 2.1 version we no longer fatal error on accept failures, which we
shouldn't have in the first place....

-The only consistent part is the last line. "Connection reset by
-Does anyone know of a solution to this problem? Or can anyone even
-clarify what the problem is?

Run Linux 2.0.18 and upgrade to reflector 2.1.


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