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John Ingham (
Thu, 20 Feb 1997 09:47:58 +0930

Doug Macduff originally asked...

>>I am trying to connect with a girl from Aussy. (Australia)
>>She insists the time difference is 16 hours (backwards)
>>So if it's 5 pm her time, then counting backwards it should be 1 am here on
>>the east coast (USA).
>>Yet the email we received to each other keeps writing just after the date
>>and time, +1100. does this mean we add 11 hours? When she commnicates with a
>>friend in Canada, they are 16 hours (daylite savings time) difference.
>>Thanks very much.
>(1) The correct figure IS 16 hours. (15 hours when U.S. is on daylight
>savings time)

Don't forget we have daylight saving here in Oz too, and the actual
commencement dates are different from the US and out of phase. This means
that there is actually a 2 hour differential (as measured in high
>(2) Make sure the direction is right. ADD 16 hours to the U.S. east coast
>time to get the correct Australian time. For example, 12 noon EST today in
>the U.S. is 4 AM *tomorrow* morning in Australia. 12 noon tomorrow in
>Australia is 8 PM tonight on the U.S. east coast.

Actually adding any number greater than 12 when talking about time is too
hard for most people. It's easier to subtract a smaller number and then
say "tomorrow".

For example, I have a regular hookup on CU-SeeMe with a friend in Alabama
at 7 pm Fridays his time. Ignoring daylight saving, if he wants to
calculate my time, instead of ADDING 16 hours his 7pm to get 23 (Umm is
that AM or PM?) he SUBTRACTS 8 hours from his own 7 pm to get 11 am and
says "tomorrow" because Australia is always "tomorrow" from the US
viewpoint *during your waking hours*.

>So, anyway you cut it, *someone's* going to lose sleep over this! <G>

No that's not true! If doing the calculations is just too hard, just
remember DON'T try to contact anyone in Australia from the US for the first
8 hours of your waking day. Your evening time is a great time to call a
friend in Oz (except they'll probably be out surfing or tossing another
shrimp on the barbie for you).

Conversely, if you're in Oz, the BEST time to call the US is the first 8
hours of your waking day.

Now that's not too hard is it?

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