Mark L. Bardenwerper (
Wed, 19 Feb 1997 22:40:53 -0600

tony stewart wrote:
> I have problems with the Enhanced CuSeeMe softwear which crashes if
> there are more than 3 windows open -or if someone calls me whilst I am
> talking to someone else.
> I can cope with restarting the program -BUT -it then says 'Unable to
> initiate video capture device -device already in use'
> this is a drag -to free it, I have to close EVERYTHING down, switch off,
> and restart the computer!
> Surely there must be a way round this.......someone.............please?
> --
> tony stewart
You don't say what your platform is, but it probably is IBM. If you have
one that is slower than 100mhz, it is really cranking just to do pics.
Audio is an extra strain. If you keep your receive kbps down to 15 and
your transmit down lower than that, it seems to help. My DTK 486DX266
will not run audio at the same time either. I just use chat. I am
getting a faster computer soon. I even have 20 megs of RAM.
Let me know what you have for equipment

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