St Brendans Reflector Events

Ciaran Carter (
Thu, 20 Feb 1997 16:07:22 GMT


A couple of cuseeme events that can be picked up on the reflector on (

Februay 21 & 22 1997 - Feed from University of South Florida College of
Engineering's Showcase, Expo '97.

21/2/97 - 07:30 to 09:30 EST (12:30 14:30 GMT) Opening Ceremony
22/2/97 - 12:01 EST (17:01 GMT) Opening Ceremony Rebroadcast
At other times - video from various stands.
Check out
Please non-UK viewers use the florida reflector (unless its full then all
welcome on ours :->)

March 13 or 14 1997 - St Brendan's College Production of Macbeth.
Times T.B.A.
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