CU-SeeMe List, Newsgroups, etc.

Larry Chace (
Fri, 21 Feb 1997 14:35:47 -0500

In the midst of working on our newest alpha test version of CU-SeeMe for
the Mac, it seems necessary to take time out for a couple of things.

1. Please *do* try to be careful when you post to this list. We recently
had an entire copy of a "digest" re-posted, apparently by accident. You do
*not* need to massively quote someone else's item, and double-quoting is
entirely unnecessary and confusing.

2. We do not have a newsgroup for discussing CU-SeeMe. There might be
groups "out there" in which CU-SeeMe does get mentioned, so you might try
searching the various groups dealing with videoconferencing.

3. Folks making personal attacks *will* be blocked from further posting.
The "Packard Bell" subject is closed and is to remain closed. It never
belonged here in the first place.

Now back to work, trying to provide you all with improvements in
videoconferencing, even though a (very) few of you seem unable to cooperate
or to take these efforts seriously.

Larry Chace ( CU-SeeMe development