Re: Evesdropping

Mark Goldstein (
Fri, 21 Feb 1997 15:49:57 -0800

>I'm a graduate student in the Department of Language, Reading & Culture at
>the University of Arizona. I'm trying to put together a project where I
>can "snoop" on a CU-SEEME conversation between students at different
>schools. I looking to conduct a textual analysis of the goings-on at
>these sites.
>Thanks for any assistance you can give me.

I'm assuming you're serious here, though it's a stretch for me. :)

It would be kind of hard to eavesdrop on a CU-SeeMe session unless you're
the administrator of the reflector. "Normal" users would show up in the
participants list whether they're transmitting or not and the
conversation would likely change accordingly. If the reflector is set up
for it, administrators can "lurk" without being seen in the conference.
So, unless you're the one setting up the reflector or you're given the
right privileges, my guess is that you're going to get data that may not
match what you're looking for.

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