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Bill Woodland (
Sat, 22 Feb 1997 10:02:11 -0600

Thanks to Bill Neisius for the info on the WPS utility. I have added it to
both the "Latest CU News", and the "DOWNLOAD" sections of my web page at

So far, it has saved me from having to restart windows at least 10 times,
since I am testing the new Cornell alpha version. =20

I've also added two other utilities, WSMakeHost and WSWhoAmI, written by a
friend of mine named Bob Hodges. There are 16 bit and 32 bit versions of
each. Only use the 32 bit versions if you are using Windows 95 or Windows
NT, and a 32 bit TCP stack, like the Windows 95 built in dialup networking.

Read the GetHostName() Error Help section for info on what the MAKEHOST
program does, and whether you need it or not.

The WsWhoAmI program will tell you your current host name and IP address,
and has a button to copy your IP to the clipboard so you can paste it into
the chat window or some other place if you need to.

If you want to use the "Netscape Launch" feature of Eudora or some other
email client to go get the files right now, here are the exact URLS: for the WPS utility for Bob's 16 bit version=
utilities for Bob's 32 bit version=

Bill Woodland (Squeek =A9)
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