Trident Providia 9685 video card

Neal Kite (
Mon, 24 Feb 1997 08:49:19 -0600

Well I bought my new computer, and so far what a difference in the video
conferencing. The speed has increased and things seem to be in more

While reading the manual for my video card it states it can do video
conferencing through its Extended Feature port. However there is only 2
ports. (This video card can display on a TV set as well as a monitor) One
port is for the S-video and the other is for the Composite video. (a.k.a.,
vcr,tv, its an RCA jack).

My first question is what is the Extended feature port and how do I use it?

Also I noticed that I am missing Disk#3 which has the AVI drivers for it.
If anyone can tell me or send me disk#3 that would be appreciated.

Thanking you all in advance.

My new system is as follows.

Cyrix 6x86 166+
32 Mb Ram
1 Gig HD
28.8 modem
B&W Quick Cam

Neal Kite
Information Specialist
KU Medical Center