Re: Dynamically Assigned IPs
Tue, 25 Feb 1997 09:33:52 +0930

Tom recently said...

>I have both the White Pine and Cornell versions of the cuseeme software.
I would like to use the Cornell version more before investing in White
Pine to avoid the time-out problem. However, I seem to recall reading
that the Cornell version requires a file be present at boot-up which
contains, among other things, the IP address of the user machine.

You don't indicate your platform Tom - are you on Mac or Windows or... I
can only comment after long use of the Macintosh Cornell version that I
have never come across the need for such a file as you suggest that is
specific to the Cornell version. My system has operated from day one using
a dynamic IP and apart from the difficulty my friends have in contacting me
through not knowing what IP to call (and even this I've addressed by
various means) a need for this "file" has never been apparent.