problems with color and audio

Robert Hsiung (
Wed, 26 Feb 1997 18:10:22 -0600


I had a lot of trouble today connecting with someone else. I'm not sure if
the problem was me, her, the reflector, bandwidth, some combination of the
above, or what. I could use some help.

It's the Cornell reflector, 4.00b3. I was using 0.87a1 on a 68040 Mac with
an Ethernet connection. She was using 2.1.1x and Windows with a 33.6 modem.
I had a basic quickcam, she had a color one.

She showed up as a lurker, and that may just be the way it is (for now)
with color. Or is there some way to get black and white video from a color

At first, neither of us could hear the other. When I switched to delta-mod,
she was able to hear me. Her bar would darken in the Participants list at
times, so there seemed to be some recognition of her audio. I had my
volumes all the way up.

She said the Audio options she had were Digitalk, Voxware, and delta-mod.
It looked as if her Send and Receive parameters were 10 and 56 and 10 and
33. Mine were 10, 60, and 60 and 10 and 200.