Re: problems with color and audio

Robert Hsiung (
Wed, 26 Feb 1997 23:26:23 -0500

At 1:43 PM +0930 2/27/97, John Ingham wrote:

>Where at all possible, for best results when using speech in a point to
>point call, try to connect direct not via a reflector.

Sure. But it only ended up being point-to-point because she was the only
one who came to my party. :-)

Actually, what I'm trying to do is convert some IRC types to CUSM. There's
a "staff lounge" on IRC, and I thought I might be able to attract some of
them to CUSM. Obviously, it's a good thing I don't do sales for a living.

>should find one called "CU-SeeMe Grey Scale".

Thanks for the tip! (also received directly from someone else)

>>At first, neither of us could hear the other. When I switched to delta-mod,
>>she was able to hear me.
>>She said the Audio options she had were Digitalk, Voxware, and delta-mod.
>The 68040 Macintosh doesn't have enough "horsepower" to run with either the
>Digitalk or Voxware audio codecs so that is why you could only communicate
>via Delta-mod.

Hmm, those were her options, not mine. So my horsepower wouldn't matter,
would it?

Do the options we choose have to match? That never occurred to me...

>You both also need to freeze your transmit
>video while transmitting Delta-mod audio when running over a 28,800 bps

Does pausing your video with the icon under your picture do the same thing
as selecting the Stop Sending Video menu item?

If the problem is my receiving her audio, do we both need to freeze our
videos? Her to free up bandwidth to send, me to free up bandwidth to
receive? She did try SSV herself, but I left mine going...

>>It looked as if her Send and Receive parameters were 10 and 56 and 10 and
>>33. Mine were 10, 60, and 60 and 10 and 200.
>You should both choose caps to suit the "lowest common denominator" ie her

This caps business I have to say is the most difficult part of using CUSM.
How does one go about deciding what the LCD is? This should all be in a FAQ
somewhere, and I think I've even seen it, but I couldn't find it today, not
in the material from Cornell, anyway.

>I hope this sheds some light on your problem.

Yes, thanks, but it's still a little murky. :-)