Heaven - a new public Reflector coming soon

Paul Sermon (elvis@hgb-leipzig.de)
Thu, 27 Feb 1997 17:08:35 +0100

Dear CU-SeeMe List,

We are opening a new 25 client Whitepine Reflector very soon, linked
directly to the Internet on an L1 connection. The purpose of this public
Reflector is dedicated to content led discussion with audio, visual, and
text media. Its your reflector, so we would like your comments. Here's
something to think about.

Suppose we told you about a machine that connects your computer directly to
heaven and displays live images of it on your screen - would you believe us
? and if we told you that the same machine could also be used to access
live images of Internet users from around the world - would you believe
that too ? Can you honestly believe in a machine that connects you to the
globe any more than a machine that connects you to heaven. This is not a
religious reflector and has nothing to do with the notion of pleasure it is
dedicated to putting you in direct connection with your own belief, be it
in heaven or in the net.

=46or more new about Heaven - Watch this space.