still looking

Jacqueline Chados (
Thu, 27 Feb 1997 11:30:20 -0500 (EST)

More thanks to all who have tried to help me in my serach for software
that will automatically and repetitively put a video camera image in a
file. So far I have still struck out. Of the many suggestions, none had
the solution I'm seeking. Web-cam is a higher end type of routine aimed
at pumping live real time video out to the web. vidwatch archives
changing video to a series of files. Other suggestions were either off
target or bone dry. I guess that my first two requests were not clear enough.

So, one more attempt. I simply want to be able to set a program to grab
an image from my camera via avi (preferred) or twain, at whatever time
intervals I specify (say like once per minute) and place the image as a
jpg file into the particular single, unchanging file name that I specify.
This will let me create a web page with that file name as an image on the
web page.

And, of course, I'd much prefer freeware.