Can't call my own IP adress

Reg Lane (
Thu, 27 Feb 1997 19:52:52 +0000

Hi All

I wonder if someone can help?

I can not call my self in Enhanced Cu-SeeMe. version 2.1.1x (Demo)
(Why do I want to call myself you ask! I thought I would help with
my setting up of the Color etc..)

when I try, either the computer locks up or crashes.

I have a Connectix ColorCam (But only use B&W) (using B&W settings)
I am connected via Turnpike Winsock - Demon Internet

I am using a 486DX2 36MB Ram 1.gig HD
running Win 95 (including Patch)
28.800 US Robotics Sportster Modem

my settings are Transmission Reception

Max 15Kbps 20Kbps

min 2Kbps 2Kbps

x enable Multitasking

Max windows open 4

At the moment I am at a loss to what it could be......

all the best

Reg Lane

Cardiff South Wales UK