CUSeeMe TV Interviews

Gabino Travassos (
Thu, 27 Feb 1997 21:35:12 -0700

I work at a cable station in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and we want to use
CUSeeMe to interview long-distance guests on our light-information Q & A
Our shows tend to be about health, money, law, well-being, home, family,
and personal issues aimed at a 18-45 year old audience. We tested this out
once before with a Dr. in Montreal, and we really got off on it.
Thing is, I need to find more people to interview. Or, barring that, I need
to know of Internet Cafes in any city with public access to, so we can find
an expert in your city, and put them in front of your public camera. We're
also considering setting up an IRC chat site.
So, my question: is there public access CUSeeMe camera in your city? If so,
what is the url, e-mail address. Also, is there a topic you're interested
in or an expert in? It doesn't mean you have a doctorate or some degree of
specialization. Maybe you're just great at computers or rebuilding cars or
counsel people who are alcoholics or something.
Thanks for your attention.
(The show is called Help Hot!Line, it's on ACCESS TV every weekday at
6:30pm in Alberta.)
Gabino, "Hot!Line Interactive"

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