Important questions

Alona Mugica Olano (
Fri, 28 Feb 1997 14:03:17 GMT

Thank you for all your help and time.
Until we know, vocaltec has two different systems:

1) Telephonic gateway server.
This system allows any person that is on Internet to talk with a person that
is using a normal telephone.
This is possible because the telephonic gateway is connected to a CTU system
(Dialogic telephonic card)

We are very interested in this system because we have customers that want to
have it.

Some questions about it:
* Is it possible that from a web page with a special link, a person on
internet call to another one that has a normal telephone? (using CTI+WEB)

* Is it possible that a person from a normal telephone calls to the CTI
system entering any speciall digits and can talk with a person that is on

* What about voice mail? If the person is away?

* How much does the gateway and Dialogic card cost?

* Has the system a tool to make bills?

* Is there any Demo to test it?

2) Addressing system, that allows people to talk and share applications,
trasnsfer files, chat and do on, etc

We have just test it with modem and 64kb and it works properly.
We are also interested in it.

* When will appear the new release in the market? (standard, video)

* What is the price for addressing server Solaris/?NT plataform for 10
simultaneous users?
Is it possible to have different channels of conferencing, and create

We look forward to heraring from you very soon.

Very sincerely,=20

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