Important questions

Alona Mugica Olano (
Fri, 28 Feb 1997 14:19:04 GMT

We are a Spanish Telecommunication Enterprise and as well ISP that are very
interested in your products.
We are very interested in "CUSeeMe 2.1.1" because we have many customers
that need a solution like that.

* Could you explain us the "ISDN voice call support"? I mean that you say
that it is posible to make calls from the "video system 200" to a normal
So the server needs to have a telephonic card.=20
What about receive calls?

* I cann't understand the technical specifications of the mutipoint support.
We want a system that allows 10 / 20 users to talk and share applications
and use different conference channels on the server (privacity).

* How much does it cost the conference server, for 20 simultaneus users and
with NT plataform, windows 95, ...?

* Is it ISDN/audio Board supported in Spain?
Is the QuickCam supported? If not, what types of cameras are supported?
Is it possible to use standard sound blaster?

* Is it possible to use the server on a IPX Lan with more than 5
participants for data and video/voice only point-to-point?
Is it not possible to do a conference with 5 friends talking simultaniusly?

* How much does it cost the client?

We look forward to heraring from you very soon.

Very sincerely,=20

Alo=F1a Mugica Olano
Interlinea 2000
Kaskotegi 4, bajo
20.305 Irun - SPAIN
tfno.: 943 61 91 01
902 10 12 35

fax.: 943 61 81 59