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> From: Alona Mugica Olano <>
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> Subject: Important questions

> Hello!
> We are a Spanish Telecommunication Enterprise and as well ISP that are very
> interested in your products.
> We are very interested in "CUSeeMe 2.1.1" because we have many customers
> that need a solution like that.

Hi. I'm posting this to the list in the hopes the experts will get
on board and fill in my numbersous and vast "knowledge holes". But I
will try to help with what I know to get the ball rolling.

> Questions:
> * Could you explain us the "ISDN voice call support"? I mean that you say
> that it is posible to make calls from the "video system 200" to a normal
> telephone.

ISDN is a data transfer protocol offered by AT&T in major
metropolitan areas of the US. It permits data transfer on a single
line at 128 kbs or on two lines at 64 kbs, depending on how you
configure it. Some areas of the US offer only the one-line
configuration. It is wholly digital, whereas "plain old telephone
systems" (POTS) is only digital from telephone company to telephone
company; the signal is converted to analog for transfer from the
telephone company to and from the user. Analog signals, for the
moment, max out at 56 kbs, and even that is not send/receive but
receive only for hte moment.

> So the server needs to have a telephonic card.
> What about receive calls?

You need a special ISDN compatible modem, which is roughly 50% more
to twice the cost of a high-speed analog modem. You also need ISDN
service from your telephone company.

> * I cann't understand the technical specifications of the mutipoint support.
> We want a system that allows 10 / 20 users to talk and share applications
> and use different conference channels on the server (privacity).

I believe you are referring to a CU-SeeMe reflector here. A
reflector supports multiple conferees on a single site. Your ISP
would want to become a reflector. The Cornell CU-SeeMe reflector
software, in beta, is free, I believe. The White Pine (commercial
version of CU-SeeMe) is around US$1000. The latter supports color,
as does the White Pine client; the Cornell reflector and client
software supports BW only.

> * How much does it cost the conference server, for 20 simultaneus users and
> with NT plataform, windows 95, ...?

See above. I believe that price will support 20 users.

> * Is it ISDN/audio Board supported in Spain?

I believe ISDN is avaialble at the moment only in the US but I may be
wrong on this. Anyway, it is perhaps *too* available here as lack of
bandwidth keeps the software codec developers on their toes! <G>

> Is the QuickCam supported? If not, what types of cameras are supported?
> Is it possible to use standard sound blaster?

QuickCam and its competitors like the Compro-D are fully digital so
are adaptable to machines anywhere in the world, which is not the
case with regular analog video. Connectix offers both a BW and color
version of hte QuickCam; some on this list believe the Comro-D at
about the same price is a better quality color unit than the
Connectix color QuickCam. I'm happy with my BW QuickCam and haven't
tried color as I don't have the WhitePine software.

> * Is it possible to use the server on a IPX Lan with more than 5
> participants for data and video/voice only point-to-point?
> Is it not possible to do a conference with 5 friends talking simultaniusly?

I understand thatCU-SeeMe has been successfully used on LANs.

> * How much does it cost the client?

The Cornell version (which supports BW only) is free; the WhitePine
version which supports BW or color is I believe US$70. As I
understand it, BW users will not see color users and will appear, of
course, in BW to color users. Also, the reflector must have the
WhitePine server software for any color to be exchanged.

Hope some of this helps and I hope the people with more knowledge and
experience here will get involved.

In the meantime, I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.

Warm regards,

Kent Starr
aka Wizzard(c)

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