Re: Greyscale or color QuickCam?

Joseph P. Schepis (
Mon, 2 Feb 98 14:43:28 -0800

--- On Sat, 31 Jan 1998 12:03:59 -0500 Jacqueline Chados <> wrote:

> If all you want to do is b/w, then the b/w quickcam if fairly decent. If
> color is important to you, stay away from the connectix quickcam's
> altogether. The only decent color camera in that class is the Compro
> D-CAM.

In "that class", you're right! If you're running Windows NT, a much better option
is the Winnov vidcap card bundled with the Phillips color camera. It blows the
doors off the Compro D-Cam (yes, I have them both!).

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