Re: Audio problems with Mac G3 and CU-SeeMe 0.87b3

Andrew Demkin (
Tue, 3 Feb 1998 15:29:07 -0800

At 4:36 PM 2/3/98, Tom Shellhammer wrote:
>I have installed CU-SeeMe 0.87b3 (PPC) on a Mac G3 and I am experiencing
>audio problems - basically, I cannot send audio . . . or those to whom I am
>connected are not receiving my audio signal. My Audio window displays a
>graphical output of my audio signal, and I can hear my audio on my speakers
>- but it seems that no audio is transmitted to, or received by, the people
>to whom I am connected. I can hear their audio, and see their audio
>component in my audio window, without problems. Anyone familiar with this
>problem? Any solutions as to how to solve it?
>Tom Shellhammer


There is a known problem with trying to send audio under Mac OS 8.1 (using
all versions of Cornell's CU-SeeMe up to 0.87b3). The problem is basically
that, begininng with version 8.1, the default sampling rate for sound input
was raised from 22kHz to 44kHz and CUSM isn't dealing with it correctly.

Some people have reported success by reducing the input rate to 22kHz or
11kHz using the Monitors and Sounds control panel. Note that CUSM always
tries to downsample the sound to 8kHz anyway, so lowering the default
sampling rate on your Macintosh shouldn't result in any loss in quality
when the audio is transmitted. From what I understand, the CU development
team is aware of the problem.

Hope this helps,